Maximizing E-Commerce Success With 3D Technology For New Collections Launch

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In today’s digital era, visual contents for online stores have become more important than ever, experiencing a remarkable transformation with the introduction of 3D images and the pursuit of photorealism.

3D technology has revolutionized the way consumers perceive and interact with products, shaping up a more engaging shopping experience and affecting the decision-making process. Brands from different industries are rethinking their marketing strategies, introducing 3D and AR contents right from the launch of new collections.

In our webinar with Zakeke, we dive deeper into the potential of a photorealistic 3D product visualization to maximize E-commerce success.
Here is a sneak peak of the main points:

🚀  Going from 2D images to 3D low poly models
🚀  Building customer trust through high-quality, photorealistic 3D models
🚀  Reducing costs and time spent on samples, prototyping and photoshoots with 3D models
🚀  Minimizing returns due to mismatched customer expectations
🚀  Making your company more sustainable with 3D collections

Whether you are a fashion brand executive, a marketing professional, or an enthusiast of digital transformation, do not miss the opportunity to discover how to boost your E-commerce with 3D and AR immersive technologies.