NEXT WEBINAR: Exploring new perspectives: 3D and AR to innovate customer experience

Immersive technologies have revolutionized the way consumers perceive and interact with products, resulting in a more engaging shopping experience and influencing decision making. All brands are readjusting their digital marketing strategies, introducing 3D and AR contents right from the launch of new collections.

Thanks to 3D modeling, you can create ultra-realistic renders and integrate them within your eCommerce, allowing users to interact with products in real time, visualizing every detail. Augmented Reality amplifies this type of experience and allows you to project virtual elements into your environment.

In our webinar we will delve into how these technologies help increase dwell time on the product page, strengthen the bond between brand and customers, and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

Whether you’re a fashion brand executive, a digital marketer, or a tech-enthusiast, it is a must-attend.

🗓️ When: April 24th at 12:00 pm CET
🇬🇧 Language: English
🌐 Where: LinkedIn

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