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A.Testoni produces footwear and leather goods for men and women. The founder of the company, Amedeo Testoni, opened the first laboratory in 1929 in Bologna to fulfill his dream of creating shoes that would combine style and craftsmanship. Today, many years later, Amedeo Testoni’s dream has achieved a global reach since he now sells exceptionally well-made luxury footwear worldwide. Their footwear can be found in EMEA markets, United States and Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The Request

Custom is an increasingly growing trend that will reach up to 30% of the market share in 2030. For this reason, Testoni has decided to satisfy the requests of its most exclusive customers by launching the new MTO (Made to Order) service. The request included the realization of a pilot project in 1 month of work (request received in July 2020 – launch on August 16, 2020) to be presented in preview in the Hong Kong store and then scaled to all retail points of the APAC market. The challenge was to combine the brand’s artisanal experience with the innovative technology given and an application optimized for iPad. The APP allows not only the configuration of the product but the complete management of the personalized order.

The Solution

A responsive web-app was created to be used from any device, with a dedicated sales funnel and a personalized price list by country and product configuration. The English-based front-end was created with the possibility of evolving to a multilingual one. The solution involved the integration of a 3D WebGL configurator with augmented reality for 4 shoe models. The project was implemented together with our partner Zakeke, tackling together the complexities faced when processing photorealistic renderings of particular textures (such as hand-buffed crocodile and patina manufacturing). The generation of the textures was carried out by developing a pipeline that involves the acquisition of the material through high-resolution photos. In this way it was possible to faithfully represent the color tone and grain of the leather. Managing a made to order service within a store means having to manage the complexity of order tracking and its integration with the company management system. For this reason, Testoni has planned to implement the MTOsuite module as an evolution of the platform, a customized order management system that can be integrated with the company ERP designed by Future Fashion.

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Customer's Benefit

The combination of technology and tradition has allowed Testoni to innovate the customer experience in the store with a greater involvement of the user in the process of creating his own personalized shoe, raising its brand awareness. The platform made also a single information system available to all corporate stakeholders (brand manager, store manager, production manager) for the management of MTO orders, thus accelerating and digitizing the production processes. Finally, the configurator also allowed the company to save costs related to the production of physical samples, having available a virtual catalog of over 500 shoes combinations.

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