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The Customer

“La Prima is the bag that represents my idea of ​​elegance and dynamism, of style and functionality. It was born from the need to offer to emancipated and sophisticated women an accessory that matches their wardrobe. Being a functional bag, it is roomy and pleasant to use, but still with an unmistakably Armani design. By focusing on quality and essentiality, I can say that I have created a bag that naturally represents my idea of ​​feminine style. ” Giorgio Armani

The Request

The aim was to innovate the instore customer experience for the worldwide customization project with exclusive materials of the iconic La Prima bag. This whole project has to be developed with a platform capable of managing the entire made to order flow in an integrated manner, from the instore order taking to production. Also, they asked to obtain a photorealistic rendering of the 3D models of the bags in order to implement the service even in the network of indirect stores, which will be included in a smaller concept.

The Solution

Given the complexity of the project, the solution we have implemented is MTOsuite, an integrated platform to manage the entire made to order flow. The infrastructure was configured on an AWS dedicated server, optimizing the performance worldwide. In fact, the project expects scalability in over 100 boutiques located in North America, Europe and Asia. The front-end for the store network was created via web-app optimized for iPad. The sales funnel and customized UX / UI were realized according to customer specifications. The multilingual, multi-currency and country-differentiated price list was immediately implemented. The OMS (order management system) in support of the front-end made it possible to manage differentiated notifications for the retailer and the end customer, by sending an order summary pdf and differentiated disclaimer in relation to the company name from which the order is processed. To allow product configuration, the 3D configurator of our Zakeke partner has been integrated. Also in this case, the front-end was personalized by creating a customization funnel with mandatory steps. The 3D modeling was carried out on 5 different bags with a refined design. The main complexity faced was the optimization of the yield of the colored crocodile textures with a hand buffering manufacturing. The “explosion” functionality of the product was added to make sure that the customer could appreciate all the details of the bag. It was also possible to view the inside of the bag, configure the type of lining and add the personalization of the internal plate with the customer’s name. The augmented reality functionality was made available to increase the virality of the initiative. Once the bag has been configured, the store manager can take a photo of the customer with the product virtually worn, inviting her to share the experience on social channels. To support the custom order management flow, it has been activated a back-end with different privileges for each user, namely brand manager and store manager. The first has the ability to manage orders and view the sales and navigation KPIs of all the stores, while the second has the ability to view only the orders fulfilled from his store. MTOsuite supports integration with ERP and corporate CRM but Armani, due to the speed of project implementation, opted not to carry it out.

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Customer's advantages

Thanks to the implementation of the project, Armani has improved its customer experience of the customization ritual for the exclusive La Prima bag within its sales network. The MTOsuite platform has made a single information system available to all corporate stakeholders (brand managers and store managers) for the management of made to order orders, accelerating and digitizing production processes. The photorealistic rendering of the 3D models of the bags has allowed the brand a widespread diffusion of the project with a significant reduction in costs related to the distribution of the sales kit in stores, giving each boutique the opportunity to sell the La Prima bag without having physical samples in the store.

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