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The Customer

Hebe Studio was born from the inspiration of Gea Antonini, Federica Croce and Laura Zama, three Italian designers who have chosen to create skilfully tailored women’s suits. Mainly based on traditional men’s tailoring, they added a fun and feminine touch. The Hebe Studio woman is feminine and elegant, but at the same time free. This is why the brand’s clothes bring out its androgynous side, without renouncing to sensuality. It is the 100% made in Italy brand that favors feminine elegance.

The Request

The integration of a 3D configurator of women’s clothes within their Shopify e-commerce. In particular they requested a with very high fidelity to the design and photorealistic rendering of the textures of the materials, usable from all devices.

The Solution

The solution involved the integration of the 3D Zakeke configurator based on WebGL technology via Shopify plug-in. In order to create a customer experience in line with the brand, it was created a front-end with customized UX / UI and guided sales funnel. The configuration experience was carried out on a single 3D scene, so that the customer could easily create their own custom suit, combining the 6 iconic Hebe blazers with 6 different trousers. Once the most representative dress of their style is created, the customer can continue choosing the type of fabric from 5 different families, colors and accessories, with the possibility to add her initials during the last step. Numerous functions have been implemented and optimized for mobile navigation: different rooms for each selected 3D scene, “explosion” of the view of the dress, zoom on the product, high definition pop-up of the selected material, variable price list for the selected configuration and display of the product in augmented reality.

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Customer's Benefit

The 3D configurator has allowed Hebe to evolve the online shopping experience, offering a unique customization service compared to its competitors. The extreme flexibility of the platform has allowed the brand to manage all the complexities of product configuration through a variable price list according to the configuration performed. The optimization of all the low poly 3D models and all the textures of the materials (over 200) made it possible to create the user experience for configuring the product in a single 3D scene.

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