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The Client

Armani‘s production is remembered for the class and elegance of its clothing and accessories. It ranges from clothes of every category: from classic to innovative, such as the unstructured jackets with which the brand revolutionized the design: it eliminated the internal supports (padding and interlinings), moved the buttons and modified the traditional proportions. Jackets became one of the emblems of Italian style.

The Request

Create a 3D multimedia content management system with the possibility of searching by SKU, downloading and sharing the files of all shoes made in 3D.

The Solution

In order to meet the customer’s requests, we have implemented our 3D Asset Management. In this way, the customer can manage all his multimedia content in 3D in a single platform with different privileges per user. In particular, Armani used the platform to launch the first 3D collection on its e-commerce, storing 3D files, 3D gifs and 3D videos in a single space. The platform was also used to outsource the 3D modeling process to Future Fashion. Once the reference photos of each item have been sent, each shoe has been transformed into 3D and the customer has carried out the revision of the 3D model thanks to the comparison between real photo and 3D model displayed with our 3D Viewer. Another feature present in the platform is the possibility of embedding the 3D Viewer of each product in any web application. In fact, each product contains the integration code via script or iframe.

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Customer's Benefit

The main advantage for the customer is to have a single archive of all the 3D multimedia content that can be used by the entire company team with different privileges, facilitating communication and information sharing in business processes. In addition, the ease of integration of the 3D material with third-party applications allows the company to amortize the investment made on 3D content. A 3D shoe can be integrated into the e-commerce or into a specific product launch landing page rather than in the virtual store available to the store network. All with extreme ease by “copying” and “pasting” an HTML code. Another advantage is the ease of transformation and update of the 3D collection thanks to the connection of 3D Asset Management to Future Fashion 3D artists team. They transform the object into 3D only through 2D photos of the product and make it usable on the platform.

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