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The Customer

BOOM is the acronym for Brand Of Open Minds which represents a new concept of watch, born from the need to add innovation to the watch industry and to create a brand that suits the person who knows what they like. BOOM Watches is built around a unique concept in its industry where the company’s watches are designed and adapted by each customer. The whole idea is based on creating high quality watches at an affordable price.

The Request

Customization in the watch sector is an experience that is carried out in boutiques by renowned brands, where the customer can order his watch which remains just in his imagination until it is delivered. BOOM asked us to bring this service online, increasing the user experience by viewing the watch in 3D, with the possibility of making the customer create a single scene of his personalized watch, changing the case, dial, crown and strap. BOOM’s main request was a high fidelity in the rendering of materials and geometries, with the goal of avoiding potential product returns for having failed to meet the user’s purchase expectations.

The Solution

Since the ecommerce has been developed on the Shopify platform, the integration of the 3D Zakeke configurator took place very easily thanks to the installation of the specific plug-in. The 3D modeling took place for each single component (case, dial, crown and strap) to allow the configuration of the product in the different materials and a better geometric assembly of the watch. The texturing was carried out both on metal materials and on different types of fabrics and leathers. Given the thousands of possible configurations, the set-up of the platform was complex because it was necessary to optimize all the components in a single 3D scene, in order not to compromise the user’s browsing performance.

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Customer's Benefit

The 3D configurator has allowed BOOM to evolve the online shopping experience, creating a competitive advantage over its competitors through customization. The extreme flexibility of the platform has allowed the brand to manage all the complexities of product configuration through a variable price list according to the configuration performed. Furthermore, thanks to the perfect integration with the e-commerce platform, the brand can also manage online custom orders in an ordinary way.

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