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The Customer

Initially, it was just a hobby for Levi and Yossi Chayo brothers, but in 2017 they founded the Bellissimo company whose desire was to create quality hats at affordable prices. After only 4 years, Bellissimo’s hats are sought after by some of Hollywood’s best fashion icons to the point that it’s not unusual to find high-profile personalities attending the state-of-the-art flagship store in Brooklyn – New York City.

The Request

Bellissimo means achieving excellence through innovation, which is why the aim was to give their customers the opportunity to create customizable hats to make everyone feel unique. For this reason, they decided to launch the personalization service within the e-commerce with a very specific constraint: the photorealistic quality of the hats and all the configurable materials.

The Solution

Since the ecommerce has been developed on the Shopify platform, the integration of the 3D Zakeke configurator took place very easily thanks to the installation of the specific plug-in. Starting from photo references of the hats, the 3D team managed to faithfully recreate the Fox hat, creating the 3D textures of 17 materials, 14 colors of ribbon, 8 feathers and 3 inner linings. The solution allows to manage different price lists according to the configuration selected and it gives the opportunity to display the product in augmented reality.

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Customer's Benefit

The implementation of the 3D configurator offers an innovative online shopping experience for users. However, the most appreciated feature by Bellissimo is the technology that allows you to have a variable price based on the configuration created. Furthermore, thanks to the perfect integration with the e-commerce platform, the brand can also manage online custom orders as usual.

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