Unveiling the Future: 5 Game-Changing Digital Trends for 2024

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Web 3, Blockchain, 5G, AI and NFT were some of the main digital trends in 2023.
But what will happen in the year to come?
In our first webinar of the year we dived deep into the hottest tech topics for 2024:

🚀 AI & Virtual Assistants to offer personalized product recommendations
🚀 3D Digital twins to foster sustainability
🚀 AI-powered app to generate textured 3D objects for modeling platforms
🚀 VTO and mixed reality to reshape the retail experience

Guest of our panel of experts was Prof. Emanuele Frontoni, Full Professor of Computer Science at UNIMC and Co-director of VRAI Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Lab at UNIVPM, a visionary in AI.
Whether you are a fashion brand executive, a marketing professional, or an enthusiast of digital transformation, do not miss the opportunity to find out more.